New leaked photos show the Galaxy S24 Ultra next to an S23 Ultra


As we move closer to the official launch of the Galaxy S24 lineup, we are unsurprisingly seeing the frequency of leaks increasing in tandem to ruin whatever Samsung plans to show at its next Unpacked event.

Leaked pictures and renders of the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra over the last few weeks have given us a pretty good idea of what we can expect design-wise from all three models. In the latest leak, we’re getting to see a Galaxy S24 Ultra in the flesh next to a Galaxy S23 Ultra, revealing the differences in their design.

Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with some minor design changes

As the photos show (the black one is the S24 Ultra), the overall design is pretty similar and Samsung has made only a few changes. The opening for the bottom-facing speaker is one of the most noticeable changes, and at the top, there are now two speaker/mic holes instead of a single one.


Samsung has also flattened out the bottom of the S Pen, which could make pushing the S Pen so it pops out slightly more inconvenient. The volume buttons look a tad bigger, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s frame is a little as Samsung has made the display a little less curvy on the Ultra model.

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Speaking of the frame, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will use titanium for it instead of aluminium, as has been corroborated through numerous rumors over the past few months. There’s no visual indication of that in these photos, and even in the real world the in-hand feel will be the main indicator that the phone has a titanium frame.

The source of these images also points out details such as the battery capacity and the primary camera’s megapixel count, both of which will remain unchanged compared to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. In fact, a lot of specs will remain unchanged on Samsung’s next Galaxy S lineup, some of which may end up disappointing hard-core fans.


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