Mirae Asset Launches Two New TIGER ETFs Focused on US Big Tech Investments


Mirae Asset Global Investments announced on Dec. 5  the listing of two new Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) on the Korea Exchange: the “TIGER U.S. Tech TOP10INDXX (H) ETF (472160)” and the “TIGER U.S. Tech TOP10 Bond Mixed ETF (472170).”

The TIGER U.S. Tech TOP10INDXX (H) ETF invests in the top 10 market capitalization stocks listed on the NASDAQ exchange in the United States, mainly in big tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, NVIDIA, Meta, and Tesla. This ETF is expected to reduce risk through a hedging strategy against currency fluctuations and heightened volatility, especially as the recent trend of interest rate hikes is coming to an end.

The TIGER U.S. Tech TOP10 Bond Mixed ETF is a bond-mixed ETF aiming to capture both the growth of big tech and the stability of bonds. Its underlying index, the “FnGuide U.S. Tech TOP10 Bond Mixed Index,” is calculated based on the U.S. Tech TOP10 Index and the KIS Treasury 3-10 Year Total Return Index. This ETF, being the first of its kind in Korea that allows up to 50% investment in stocks, offers stability and potential benefits from index growth. It is fully investable with retirement pension accounts (DC, IRP).


With these new listings, Mirae Asset Global Investments now has three ETFs in the U.S. Tech TOP10 series, including the “TIGER U.S. Tech TOP10INDXX ETF (381170),” which as of Dec. 4 had a net asset value of 1.619 trillion won (US$1.226 billion), making it a leading U.S. investment ETF in Korea.

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