Entrepreneurs in Bahrain use innovative ways to empower employees, improve productivity


Bahrain, December 7: AISCO, AIC and CPT, three highly reputed Bahraini companies led by renowned entrepreneurs Edward Noronha, Rajan Sharma and Benny Barboza, have strived for higher employee productivity and empowerment by incorporating learning for the SME sector for the first time in the Middle East. skills through virtual reality, artificial intelligence and simulation through a one-day presentation program.

The VR and AI learning in employee empowerment was led by internationally acclaimed public speaker and corporate trainer, Ronald Oliveira, through his UAE company ZillionPathways. The event was rated by Forbes as one of the 10 best VR events in the world. It was also published in the BBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post for its innovation and effectiveness.

According to E&Y, learning through VR and AI is 75% more effective than traditional teaching. However, it is not yet widely used in the Middle East and Asia. In Europe and North America, it is becoming the gold standard for learning and employee empowerment. In fact, Walmart has trained more than 1 million distributors and sub-distributors using virtual reality and AI.


Meta (Facebook) has partnered with many American and European companies to subsidize more than 100 US universities to help students learn various skills through VR and AI as it provides the most effective learning medium today. In fact, there is also an initiative being taken to provide this education (though in a different spectrum of career and communication) to Indian colleges through their alumni. Even schools in the UAE and the GCC region are considering VR and AI training for their children, if only for public speaking skills to develop the child’s skills. The path to learning VR and AI has been accepted as the future, and it starts with corporate engagement.

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According to Benny Barboza of CPT, incorporating this learning for key employees will improve productivity and grow the business. One of the main speeches of the teaching was the discussion of various problems of companies with artificial intelligence. According to AISCO President Edward Noronha, “Discussions with AI can be interesting because you don’t really know what kind of solutions you will get.” The program was a hit with the staff attending, with many calling it ‘incredible training’. Elton Noronha, AISCO’s Business Development Manager, who attended the event, said, “Not only was its narrative interactive and compelling, but it was humorous, interesting and presenter Ronald Oliveira was able to keep participants engaged for over 8 hours, which That is very difficult in normal learning programs.

Rajan Sharma of AIC, whose employees were part of this program, felt that such innovative modules to train employees would benefit the company, and if it increased productivity, such programs would be a game changer. In fact, except for very large multinationals, very few companies have incorporated AI and VR learning programs and are lagging behind. After all, the effectiveness of artificial intelligence and virtual reality is a proven fact, and those with faster adoption rates will benefit more.

Ronald Oliveira of ZillionPathways, who is at the forefront of bringing such programs to his network in the Middle East and India, is a fervent believer. He says, “Such programs not only empower people, but also improve productivity, efficiency, communication skills, and most importantly – enhance emotional intelligence. These are all the ingredients that take a company to the next stage.” Because ultimately, it’s the people who make the difference, and better skills mean better performance. It’s really great to see entrepreneurs taking this innovative step because of the wide-ranging benefits of AI, especially for them. And the community in general will benefit.

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As one AI guru has said, “AI is going to change the world the most since the printing press. Early adopters will benefit tremendously.”

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