Economic Development Council to assess business competitiveness with survey

The Holmes County Economic Development Council invites local businesses to participate in a Wage & Benefit Study to help measure the competitive balance and other issues and challenges facing a variety of industries in the Holmes County area.

Holmes County Economic Development Council Executive Director Mark Leininger explained the purpose behind the survey.

“Many local business owners cite difficulties in hiring and retaining workers as the biggest challenge facing their businesses,” Leininger said. “As a result, owners have requested current wage information to help evaluate the competitiveness of their compensations offerings.

“To that end, the Holmes County Economic Development Council has partnered with the economic development professionals at the Ohio State University to develop a wage and benefit survey,” he continued. “The online survey has been streamlined using skip logic, so that it can be completed, in most cases, in 15 minutes or less. ”

Privacy and security concerns addressed

Leininger assures that all survey responses will be maintained by the HCEDC and OSU in strict confidence and will not be disclosed to any other parties.

For purposes of preparing the survey report, all data will be aggregated, so that no individual business information will be identifiable or ascertainable from the report.

“We hope that you will consider completing the survey,” he said. “The more responses we receive, the greater the reliability and accuracy of the survey report. By participating in the survey, you can help ensure that local business owners get the information they need to remain competitive.”

How to participate; next steps

Businesses are invited to complete the survey by accessing The survey link will remain live through Dec. 15.

After the survey phase is completed, the information will be analyzed and presented in a written report.

Companies that complete the survey may receive an advance copy of the report. To receive a copy, prior to its release to the public, respondents need only provide contact information at the end of the survey.

The survey is designed to elicit compensation information, in connection with 40 different employment positions.

Leininger said the survey covers different employment positions in several employment categories, including: production, office, healthcare, lodging, food service, transport and professional services.

The wage and benefit information gleaned from the survey will be analyzed and presented in a written report.


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