The 3AC saga takes another bizarre twist

About eight months ago, I vouched pretty strongly for Su Zhu to be included in the prestigious Cointelegraph Top 100. My reasoning was pretty straightforward: Zhu was not only an influential figure on social media, but he ran arguably the most revered hedge fund in crypto — Three Arrows Capital, also known as 3AC. Then, … Read more

Crypto Raiders drops knowledge with NFT Steez

Blockchain gaming and the play-to-earn model were all the rage in 2021, but over time, the model declined as a few kinks were revealed and the wider nonfungible token (NFT) and crypto market hit a few speed bumps. It’s safe to say, the sector is “down, but not out” and it’s entirely possible that blockchain … Read more

Social Media Users Deride China’s Reported Use of Military Tanks to Intimidate Protesting Bank Customers – Featured Bitcoin News

Social media users have slammed China’s reported use of military tanks to intimidate bank customers protesting against the freezing of their savings. Some users claimed the deployment of military tanks exposes the country’s underlying economic problems. Crypto proponents see the issue as a vindication of their long-standing argument. Savings Now Investment Products Some social media … Read more