Should Bored Ape buyers be legally entitled to refunds?

Should people who purchase nonfungible tokens (NFT) be entitled to refunds if they decide they don’t like their digital pictures? Some Europeans are beginning to make that case under a 25-year-old law. Unhappy buyers have claimed that their right to a refund is protected by a 1997 European Union law that requires any person or … Read more

UK regulator investigates charity linked to FTX

The commission in charge of regulating registered charities in England and Wales has announced it had begun investigating Effective Ventures Foundation, an organization tied to bankrupt crypto exchange FTX. In a Jan. 30 announcement, the Charity Commission said it had launched the inquiry due to FTX being a “significant funder” of Effective Ventures. According to … Read more

Three launch lessons from blockchain-based freelance marketplace TopIQs

Over a decade ago, the cofounders of TopIQs were freelance internet marketers dealing with many of the frustrations that still irk freelancers today. They invested significant time pitching, landing and completing projects for clients on freelance marketplaces. When it was time to get paid, they spent weeks or months chasing payments or resolving account issues … Read more

New paradigms for enterprise blockchain adoption

Blockchain technology has created a new avenue to reconfigure the vision for the future of the internet. Data on the internet generated by individuals, organizations and other users are controlled by centralized entities, with a significant concentration of economic power and influence held by a few key corporate players who have thrived on data aggregation … Read more

Binance blocks some accounts amid Bitzlato case: ‘Funds are safe’

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has been silently shutting down multiple accounts on the platform in relation to the Bitzlato investigation, according to several users. On Jan. 18, a group of Russian-speaking Binance clients complained about blocked accounts and not being able to withdraw their funds from the exchange. The affected users created a Telegram group chat … Read more

Bitcoin adoption of Guatemalan merchants grows one BTC tattoo at a time

Bitcoin (BTC) use in Guatemala is on the up. The Latin American country that borders El Salvador boasts Guatemalan-grown Bitcoin companies such as Ibex and Osmo, several Bitcoin Beach-inspired projects including Bitcoin Lake, and now, free BTC tattoos. A Bitcoin merchant adoption competition hosted by Osmo Wallet in 2022, a Guatemala-based Bitcoin company, led to … Read more

Bitcoin mining revenue jumps up 50% to $23M in one month

As Bitcoin (BTC) shows a minor bull run, the connected sub-ecosystems’ year-long struggle for survival has started to pay off. For starters, the Bitcoin mining community experienced a 50% increase in revenue — through mining rewards and transaction fees — in the first month of 2023. On Dec. 28, 2022, Bitcoin mining revenue dipped to … Read more