Why Most Publishers Can’t Deliver Precise Intent Data

January 27, 2023 Intent Data Are all “Walled Gardens” alike? Even though Google continues to push out its end-of-cookies date – for lack of any adequate replacement for advertising targeting – we’ve been hearing more about the targeting data strengths and weaknesses of the big three “walled gardens” (Google, Facebook and Amazon) in the B2C … Read more

How to Find and Influence More Healthcare Tech Buyers

December 5, 2022 Intent Data While there are some similarities to enterprise technology purchasing, factors driving Healthcare Tech purchasing decisions, and especially those who participate in them, can be quite different. Based on TechTarget’s knowledge and expertise from more than a decade of covering this market, we dive into the unique aspects of the Healthcare … Read more

Current Experiences and Preparing Your Business for What’s Next

Part 1 of a 4-Part blog series from TechTarget CEO Mike Cotoia With the rise of digital commerce, one of the really interesting developments we’ve all become attuned to is how our experience as consumers is impacting our expectations of vendors in our B2B lives. It shouldn’t be too much of a leap then to … Read more

Preparing for a Cookieless Future – an EMEA perspective

August 25, 2022 Advertising, Global This article is a summary of the webinar, ‘Tethering Brand & Buyer: Targeting your brand in a changing digital B2B space’ and is part of a series of content we’re running in preparation for changes to digital cookies in 2023-24. Soon, targeting your audience will dramatically shift gears from a … Read more

On the B2B Horizon: 2023 Priorities

Fourth quarter is almost upon us and 2023 planning should be ramping up. To make sure you have the inputs you need across your team, TechTarget’s BrightTALK folks are hosting their flagship virtual event, Reach: Intent. Content. Demand., September 27-29. Over three days, experts from across the B2B landscape will share their experiences, insights and … Read more

Beware of Black Boxes. Look for Actionable Outputs.

Science fiction is one of my guilty pleasures (after golf that is). And with young kids, though I don’t have as much time to read for pleasure as I’d like, I do like to take in a good sci fi movie when they come around. Curiously, I even find a lot of thought starters in … Read more

Partner Success: Blending Strategy, Innovation & Marketing

July 20, 2022 Partner and Channel Marketing There’s so much goodness to be gained simply by executing Partner Marketing really well (and if you think it’s easy, you must be new to the game!), but how do you improve strategy? How to you continue to innovate? How do you take your program to the next … Read more