California Governor Signs Gun Law Enabling Citizens to Sue for Violations

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday signed a controversial gun control bill that was modeled after Texas’ vigilante abortion law, which enables private citizens to file lawsuits against anyone who imports, distributes, manufactures or sells illegal firearms in the state.

The law requires a court to order $10,000 in damages for each violation plus with attorney fees.

State Sen. Bob Hertzberg, D-Van Nuys, was one of the lawmakers who introduced Senate Bill 1327, which is set to go into effect in January. Hertzberg called it a “moral imperative” for the state to lead the way on gun reform.

“For the sake of our children, this is a common-sense step toward ensuring California streets, schools and communities continue to be among the safest in the nation,” Hertzberg said in a statement after Newsom signed SB 1327 into law. “If Texas is going to use this legal framework to essentially outlaw abortion and harm women, all with the Supreme Court’s blessing, California is going to use it to save lives and take AR15s off our streets.”

The Texas law, which inspired SB 1327, allows people to sue abortion providers and anyone who helps someone get an abortion.

Gun Liability

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