Biden emailed with one of Hunter’s main business partners and associates


FOX News host Sean Hannity discusses the latest allegations from the House Ways and Means Committee about President Biden’s knowledge of his son’s foreign business dealings on “Hannity.”

SEAN HANNITY: Really? No interaction with Hunter’s business partners? Well, that’s what you’re going to go with? Joe Biden is lying right to your face. According to records just released from the House Ways and Means Committee, Biden emailed with one of Hunter’s main business partners and associates, the so-called moneyman, a guy by the name of Eric Scherwin a whopping 327 times, including 54 emails just between Joe and Eric. Joe was vice president at the time. Most of those emails occurred when Joe Biden again was serving. All these communications were conducted with an alias email account, something you’re not supposed to do in order to prevent future discovery in like a court of law. According to the House Ways and Means Committee and Jason Smith, Scherwin was the architect of the Biden family’s systems of shell corporations. They have identified dozens of them used to distribute foreign funds. These were not real businesses as far as James Comer is concerned. 

In 2018, that text message, remember Hunter Biden allegedly crediting Sherwin for helping him pay his father’s “bills”? “My dad has been using most lines on this account, which, through the gracious offerings of Eric Sherwin, I have paid for the past 11 years.” In other words, based on that text, Hunter implicating his own father received foreign money from places like China and Russia and Romania and Ukraine and Kazakhstan with the help of Eric Sherwin. And then Pops used the funds to pay his bills all while Joe and Eric emailed back and forth hundreds of times. But Eric Sherwin is just one of the many Hunter business partners that interacted with, as Tony Bobulinski called him, “the big guy.” 

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Now, this is a picture of Joe Biden who just said he never met with, he said, I never spoke with Hunter, my brother or anybody, for that matter, about their foreign business dealings. See that picture there? Yeah, that’s Hunter’s Kazakhstan business partners after dinner at the ever so prestigious Cafe Milano.


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