Apple reportedly plans to launch new iPads and MacBook Air. Check expected specs and pricing

Apple is preparing to launch several new models and upgrades for its Mac and iPads in a bid to reverse declining sales in this segment. Mac and iPad together account for almost 15% of Apple’s revenue, but the decline in consumer spending on technology and the lack of new models from Apple has hit the sector hard.

According to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurnman, Apple is set to update its iPad Air, iPad Pro and MacBook Air ranges, with the launch expected in March 2024. The report notes that Apple will also launch iPadOS 17.4 along with the new iPad series at the March launch event, while the macOS 14.3 update is expected to be released in January or February.

New iPads:

Apple is planning to launch a 12.9-inch iPad Air model, bringing the size of the new tablet up to the size of the iPad Pro and potentially offering four models, codenamed J507, J508, J537 and J538, which could be available in both wifi and cellular versions. Notably, the current iPad Air series comes with a 10.9-inch display, but the larger display on the new tablets could be part of Apple’s strategy to offer more options at different price points, similar to what the company has done with the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro series, Gurnman noted.

In addition, Apple is also reportedly planning to launch four new iPad Pro models, which could range in screen size from 11 inches to 13 inches and have been codenamed J717, J718, J720 and J721. The Bloomberg report notes that this would be the first overhaul of the iPad Pro range since 2018, and that the new tablets could be priced as high as $2,000.

According to Gurnman, the new iPad Pro models will feature OLED screens and will have the same display technology that has been used in iPhones since 2017. Moreover, the iPad Pro models are also expected to get the M3 chipset which was introduced with MacBook Pro in October this year.

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