$17M to Settle New Mexico Gender Pay Lawsuit

Hundreds of female city employees are anticipating back payment from the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico, to make up for a wage gap going back years.

KOB-TV reported that a judge is expected to sign off on the $17 million settlement the city has agreed to pay to cover claims from over 430 workers.

The hearing for the judge to give approval is scheduled for Nov. 17.

Attorneys expect each woman to receive anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $100,000. Some had claims going back a decade.

In the collective action lawsuit, female staffers allege the city pays $3-$6 less per hour compared with their male counterparts. They say the wage disparity occurs across jobs from bus drivers to city office staff.

Under the agreement, they will also get a bump in salary and changes to retirement benefits.

Meanwhile, the city agreeing to settle does not mean an admission of any unlawful conduct. Officials said in a statement that the city is committed to closing a gender pay gap and “ensuring a lawful pay structure.”

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